Training Development

Training Development

We can help you to develop eLearning if you or your client:

  • Want exciting and effective training
  • Want to save money on training delivery
  • Want standardized consistent training
  • Have a large geographically dispersed audience
  • Want to train a number of people simultaneously
  • Have a short timeframe for training a large audience
  • Have a shortage of instructors
  • What to enhance instructor-lead training

Aperture Art provides all types of training development to include web eLearning, DVD and Blue Ray, Instructor-lead and paper-based media. From complex military to corporate systems, we've developed performance-based training, soft skills and management training for a variety of applications.

Our lead instructional designer, as well as each member of our development team, has 10-25 years of experience in the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of training systems.

Our developers will work as part of your team or can develop the entire project for you ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.  We develop highly interactive eLearning using the authoring tool of your choice.  At your request, we can also suggest tools based on your needs and environmental capabilities.  Our training can provide training management and tracking functions and is deliverable over the web or on DVD.  

We can also perform formative and summative evaluation pilot and usability testing to ensure the most effective training possible for the intended audience. 

Call us for captivating, effective training that is on time, within budget and the right price!

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